Fog City Stomp 2015 will have four full levels in the Lindy Hop track and three full levels in the Solo Jazz track. All levels will be capped to ensure a good learning experience. All but the lowest level in each track will be auditioned (see below).

Lindy Hop

This track has four levels: A, B, C, and D. Level A is typically for beginner to early intermediate dancers who have taken a few months of Lindy Hop classes. They have been exposed to the basic 6 count and 8 count footwork patterns and can comfortably dance to an entire song at a mid-tempo. Level D is reserved for the top dancers who are usually the ones teaching local dance classes or who perform and compete around the country. Levels B and C are for all of the dancers in between! Anyone wishing to participate in Levels B, C, or D MUST come to the Lindy Hop auditions on Saturday morning.

Dancers who are very new to Lindy Hop should take our beginner drop-in classes before each dance rather than joining Level A.

Solo Jazz

This track has three levels: 1, 2, and 3. Level 1 is for newer solo jazz dancers who have taken a few classes here and there. They know a handful of classic jazz steps and are eager to learn more! Levels 2 and 3 are for dancers who regularly dance solo jazz and we expect you to know all of the standard jazz steps (applejacks, scissor kicks, suzie Qs, etc.). Dancers in these tracks can improvise solo jazz when dancing and perhaps even perform or compete. Level 3 will be our smallest track (~10 people) and is reserved for those can pick up choreography quickly and who really know their stuff! Anyone wishing to participate in Levels 2 or 3 MUST come to the Solo Jazz auditions on Saturday morning.


The top three Lindy Hop and top two Solo Jazz levels at Fog City Stomp will require auditions. The Fog City Stomp team strives to provide classes that will challenge each student at every skill level. It is essential that students are appropriately grouped by their ability to ensure that the class as a whole is cohesive and productive.

If you wish to take Lindy Hop Levels B, C, or D, you must attend the Lindy Hop auditions on Saturday morning. If you wish to take Solo Jazz Tracks 2 or 3, you must attend the Solo Jazz auditions on Saturday morning. Since dancers from other cities and regions will participate in the workshops, it is impossible to assess anyone in advance. The precise skill of the levels and your individual placement is determined by our instructors and by your ability relative to your peers.

Lindy Hop auditions will be in the form of social dancing with a variety of partners to a variety of songs. Solo Jazz auditions will be in the form of learning and performing a short piece of choreography, along with some brief improvised dancing. Instructors will determine students' level by watching auditions, and students will be given wristbands with colors corresponding to the appropriate level. Students can NOT switch between Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz during the weekend, and we ask that you only take the classes for your particular level.