Clint Baker's Golden Gate Swing Band

Returning for their third year at Fog City Stomp...

Clint Baker’s Golden Gate Swing Band combines the best elements of traditional New Orleans jazz with Kansas City swing, creating an ensemble sound that's tight and loose all at the same time. With a solid, swinging, rhythm section driving the music and talented soloists spinning melodies, it's no wonder dancers connect easily to the band's tunes.


The AU Brothers Jazz Band

The Au Brothers (Gordon, Brandon & Justin) have been playing the traditional jazz of New Orleans ever since their uncle, High Sierra trombonist Howard Miyata, turned them on to the music at an early age. Among them, they have amassed three music degrees and performed with various ensembles at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Preservation Hall, Cafe Carlyle, and the Sydney Opera House, as well as at the Monterey, Redcoast Coast, Pismo, Montreux, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage, New York Hot Jazz, and North Sea jazz festivals. The brothers' unpredictable and entertaining selections include a variety of traditional tunes, originals, and even movie/TV themes arranged in the trad jazz style.

Kally Price Old Blues & Jazz Band

Returning for their third year at Fog City Stomp...

Kally Price is a singer, songwriter, and bandleader dedicated to singing from her heart, pulling from her spirit the timelessness of the music from the 1920s, '30s and '40s.  She especially enjoys singing with her old blues and jazz band comprised of other diamonds-in-the-rough souls who are committed to playing music that is honest and rooted.  This music is nothing without the San Francisco Bay Area audience who listen and dance with open ears and hearts, adding their energy to the music.


The Don Neely Swingtet

Drawing inspiration from the great bands, performers and composers of the Jazz Age and Swing Era, the Don Neely Swingtet affectionately and authentically recaptures the excitement and fascination of that musical heyday. Guided by their affinity for the superb music of innovators such as Fletcher Henderson, Louis Armstrong, Bix Biederbecke, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and songwriters like Fats Waller and Hoagy Carmichael, the Swingtet has captivated audiences all across the country.

DJ Allen Kerr

Allen has been ravenously collecting music since 2005 and found he has a knack for finding music that delights and inspires dancers. He has DJed many national events, including Lindy Focus, All Balboa Weekend, and ILHC, where he is head DJ. Allen also used to spin regularly for the Jam Cellar and Backroom Blues in DC until his move to San Francisco, where he is the head DJ for the 9:20 Special.


DJ Lian Tarhay

Lian picked up her love of jazz music dancing with her college swing club, and learned to DJ with the club’s epic CD collection. After a hiatus, Lian returned in 2012 to DJ sweet swinging tunes in Madison, WI. Since then, she has been picking out tunes to keep people dancing ‘till all hours at events in the midwest and nationally. Now a part of the Austin, Texas scene, she loves DJing at the Fed for one of the biggest weekly swing dances in the United States.

DJ Mary Freitag

Mary loves swing music, swing dancing, and inspiring dancers with her swingin’ tunes. She started DJ’ing in her small college town, and has had the pleasure of DJ’ing at many events all over the world including Herrang and ILHC. Her DJ motto is "It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing," and her favorite band is Count Basie.