Fog City Stomp 2017 has four full levels in the Lindy Hop track and four full levels in the Solo Jazz track. All levels will be capped to ensure a good learning experience. Students must choose either Lindy Hop or Solo Jazz during registration, as classes occur simultaneously.

Lindy Hop

This track has four levels: A, B, C, and D. Level A is typically for beginner to early intermediate dancers who have taken a few months of Lindy Hop classes. They have been exposed to the basic 6 count and 8 count footwork patterns and can comfortably dance to an entire song at a mid-tempo. If you have never danced Lindy Hop before, we recommend taking some local classes before you sign up for Level A. Level D is reserved for the top dancers who are usually the ones teaching local dance classes or who perform and compete around the country. Levels B and C are for all of the dancers in between!

Solo Jazz

This track has three levels: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Level 1 is for newer solo jazz dancers who have taken a few classes here and there. They know a handful of classic jazz steps and are eager to learn more! Levels 2 and 3 are for dancers who regularly dance solo jazz and we expect you to know all of the standard jazz steps (applejacks, scissor kicks, suzie Qs, etc.). Dancers in these tracks can improvise solo jazz when dancing and perhaps even perform or compete. Level 4 will be our smallest track (~10 people) and is reserved for those can pick up choreography quickly and who really know their stuff!

Level Checks

Anyone wishing to take Track D in Lindy Hop or Track 4 in Solo Jazz must audition via video. See below for video audition details.

For Tracks A, B, and C in Lindy Hop and 1, 2, and 3 in Solo Jazz, we are holding "level check" classes instead of the typical hour-long contest style auditions. Each dance style (Lindy or Solo Jazz) will have an Intermediate Level Check and an Advanced Level Check. These level checks will operate as a class with our world-renowned instructors, in which they will teach you techniques and/or moves. During this class, a panel of Fog City Stomp organizers and dance teachers will observe the dancers and decide the final level placement for each person. This format allows us to see both how you learn and how you dance, so we can then place you in a group of similar peers.

We require that EVERYONE complete the Level Check Questionnaire. We use the information you provide to group you in either the Intermediate Level Check or Advanced Level Check, which will be emailed to you about 1 week before the event. This grouping is not your final placement. The grouping allows our panel to observe the overall range of dancers attending the event, but they can place any dancer in any level. Dancers will wear a competition number and at the end of the class, the Fog City Panel will pass out wristbands to confirm which level you are in. You will participate in classes at your level for the rest of the workshops.

Fog City Stomp believes this method of placement is equally, if not more, accurate than contest style auditions. It allows us to evaluate your current dance ability and your ability to learn in a classroom setting over the course of an hour and by multiple people. Less pressure for you, more thoughtfulness for us! Furthermore, the event attendees benefit from receiving additional instruction during this hour of level check classes, instead of enduring a high stakes audition process. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

VIDEO AUDITIONS: Anyone auditioning for Track D in Lindy Hop or Track 4 in Solo Jazz must submit two videos of themselves dancing in that style: one dancing faster than 180 bpm and one dancing slower than 180 bpm. Each video must be at least 1 minute long. A mix of improvised social dancing, performance, and/or competition videos is preferred but not required. Videos due November 1 by email to, subject: "Lindy Hop Audition" OR "Solo Jazz Audition”. Please also fill out the Level Check Questionnaire when you register.